Alcohol: the Myth Debunked

Daily Scare science correspondent, exclusive report

Experts have been alleging for many years that alcohol has many uses, apart from the obvious one, and among these is that it helps you get stains out of clothes.

Truth or myth? I decided to put this to the test in a carefully controlled experiment.

NewTory Manifesto to Include Plans for Armageddon It Completely Forgot to Mention in the Last One

Following last week's discovery that political parties have been accidentally forgetting to mention in their manifestos certain key points in their plans for the country, the Tory party has issued a revised manifesto.

It will present the new manifesto to the people at the soon-to-be-held general election that will result from the discovery that the recent EU Referendum was actually a PR exercise and not, as many people thought, an exercise in democracy.

A slight administrative error had caused a succession of governments to omit from their manifestos certain points that, it surprisingly turned out, the country's voters would quite like to know about.