Psychiatrists develop new mental illness

by Steve Cook

The psychiatric industry is today celebrating the release of it latest mental illness.

Known as PND, it is confidently expected by its inventors to smash previous records set by popular fictions such as ADHD, which grossed over a bazillion dollars in pharmaceutical sales and brought the benefits of the fashionable Chemical Straightjacket to millions of children, enabling them to grow into fully dysfunctional adults by the age of 32.

Miracle Drugs Vindicated!

As we now know, Heroin and Cocaine are good for you, say researchers

by Steve Cook

Researchers at the Brain-U-Like Institute in Barking have today announced a breakthrough that is certain to send shock waves throughout government and other hotbeds of gullibility.

Breaking News - Government to Act as Pillow Carnage Escalates

The government has hastily introduced new legislation to ban pillows.